About Us

Hamar Fresh Fruit Company (HFFC) is one of the leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in Somalia, such as Somali Banana, lemons/lime, grapefruits, chillies, French beans, lettuce among others. With its headquarters’ in Mogadishu and farms of over 300 ha along the river Shebelle, HFFC is now among the top grower and exporters of fresh produce in Somalia. The company was formed in 1989 by family which has extensive commercial farming experience. The passion is to grow quality and safe produce for our customers. Agribusiness is what we know best.

Our mission: Our mission is to grow successfully in the fruits and vegetable industry and exceed our customers’ expectations and to further expand our markets worldwide.

Our vision: To be leading suppliers of high quality, fresh produce to the international markets with competitive price. Hamar fresh fruit is experienced and trusted in offering fresh banana to our clients. Customer satisfaction is one of our main objectives. HFFC has supplied banana, lemon to retail market with consistency of the year.

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